.308 Pursuit

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.308 Pursuit

Rifle Specs:

• Action: Kauger Arms VPR

• Barrel: Krieger

• Chambering: .308

• Stock: H-S Precision Pro-Series Sporter

Larry’s Notes:

This hunting rifle is extremely rugged and versatile, but without compromising the overall aesthetic of it at all.
This H-S Precision Stock is as popular as it is for good reason. Sleek and lightweight with an amazing texture; you have to see and feel it in person to truly appreciate the way it handles. I love it. (It also is available in 29 different color options.)
Since it’s a narrower, more streamlined stock, cutting the barrel to 22″ balanced it out just right. The stainless Krieger barrel was bead blasted to match the Kauger Arms Action.
This hunter and I decided on a top loader as opposed to a detachable magazine to keep it as simple and efficient as possible.
The trigger is a TriggerTech; my top choice for hunting rifles.
Without the scope, the weight of this rifle is 7 lbs 2 oz. The scope will most likely push it to just a hair over 8 lbs. Can’t beat that light of a weight considering we didn’t use any carbon components at all.

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It works best for customers to buy their own individual rifle components for a rifle build. I understand this may sound complicated, but purchasing your own rifle parts ensures you have picked out EXACTLY what you want. Purchasing your own parts also greatly decreases the time it takes for me to complete your Archer Custom Rifle.

To make it simpler, here is a list of companies I recommend for each part.

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Your price depends on two main things. 1) Cost of the parts -and- 2) Cost of the build.

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