Rifle Cleaning – DIY or Done By a Professional?

Regular professional rifle cleaning is super important; it increases the longevity of your rifle, it increases the reliability and safety of your rifle, and it alerts you to any issues that need to be addressed. 

While hunting rifles don’t need to be cleaned as often as competition benchrest rifles; at the very least they should be cleaned at the beginning and the ending of every season.  

So now you’re asking yourself…
Can’t I just buy a gun cleaning kit, watch some YouTube videos and clean it myself?

Sure you can. But the correct answer is… 
“I should have my rifle cleaned by a professional.”

Here is why…

1. A professional riflesmith has the best tools to clean your particular rifle; from rods, to jags, to brushes, to the best quality solvents. Four decades of experience also plays a big part.

2. Your rifle will be completely disassembled and cleaned from the inside out. Every little corner will be inspected and cleaned.

3. After a thorough cleaning of all components, your rifle parts will be properly lubricated and reassembled. 

4. You will get detailed feedback about any trouble spots I pick up on and ways to address those issues. 

5. In the long run, having your rifle professionally cleaned will save you time and money and give you infinitely better results. 

When you have your rifle cleaned at Archer Custom Rifles, you’re getting the very best quality cleaning job and invaluable feedback.

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Because every shot counts,

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