Why I Hunt.

Since the dawn of man, humans have hunted. They hunted to survive. 

Nature is tough. It is simple yet complex. It is beautiful yet brutal. Animals in nature do not die peacefully. They starve, they die painfully by predators, they succumb to disease. If you are turned off by hunting because of the thought of the death of an animal, know that my kill is more humane than any other experience that animal will have. Sometimes I feel an obligation to explain my passion for hunting when someone asks. Explaining it to someone who has never sat in the woods, to someone who has never skinned a deer and felt the warm meat as they prayed a “thank you” over that animal; well a lot of times it’s a practice in futility.

I dearly love killing an old doe for meat. I dearly love honoring an old man by humbly giving him a righteous way out with dignity. And not gonna lie, I do love killing a sure enough mature shooter buck to hang on my wall.

I hunt because I love to hunt. Period. 

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