A Lesson from The Legend

“Has to be a reamer for every caliber and every cartridge.
A 7.08, a .308, a 300 short mag, every one gotta different reamer.
The pilot going in. And it has to be cut PERFECTLY straight with the bore. If it’s not it won’t shoot right.
An accurate rifle is not one thing. It’s a bunch of things. It has to be a GOOD barrel, chambered straight.
It has to be a GOOD action, all built straight. It has to correctly bedded in a stock.
The bullets have to be GOOD bullets.
For it to shoot the best, it has to be tuned; the load has to be tuned to the barrel.
And then you gonna have to have a good scope.
So it’s not just one thing. It’s a chain. If you break one link of the chain, the whole thing won’t work.
And it’s a bunch of other stuff.
But right now, we’re chambering.”

Thank you Pops,

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